Icebreaker Questions For Birthday Party

Introduction: Breaking the ice at a birthday party is essential to help create an atmosphere of celebration, laughter, and good cheer. Here are 20 creative questions to help introduce everyone and get the festivities started!

1. What is your favorite type of birthday cake?
2. What superpower would you like for your birthday gift?
3. What is your favorite childhood birthday memory?
4. What kind of party fun would you like to have?
5. What is the best birthday gift you’ve ever received?
6. If you could time travel to your past, where would you go?
7. What is your favorite birthday game or activity?
8. What is your favorite kind of party food?
9. If you could invite any celebrity to your birthday party, who would it be?
10. What is the most creative birthday present you’ve ever given?
11. If money was no object, what would be your dream birthday parties?
12. What kind of music would be perfect for a birthday party?
13. What birthday wish would you like to make?
14. What kind of decorations would you like to see at your next birthday celebration?
15. What is the most fun birthday souvenir you’ve ever received?
16. What is the most meaningful birthday gift someone has ever given you?
17. What would you like to do for your next birthday?
18. What is your favorite part about having a birthday party?
19. What are some of your favorite birthday activities that you can do alone or with a group?
20. If you could choose a theme for the next birthday party, what would it be?