Icebreaker Questions Bible Study

Welcome to Bible Study, everyone! To help kick-off our study of the Bible, let’s start with a few icebreaker questions.

1. Is there a particular Bible account that drew you to Bible Study?
2. What are your favorite Bible characters and why?
3. In your opinion, what makes the Bible different from other religious texts?
4. How has the Bible helped shape your life?
5. Do you have any goals you would like to achieve while studying the Bible?
6. What part of your spiritual journey are you most looking forward to?
7. Are there any areas of the Bible or topics that you find difficult to grasp or understand?
8. What do you believe is the core message of the Bible?
9. Do you apply biblical principles to your everyday life?
10. What do you think the Bible tells us about living a meaningful life?
11. Do you believe in personal revelation from the Bible?
12. What kind of impact do you think Bible Study can have on our lives?
13. What spiritual lessons have you learned from Bible Study?
14. What life-changing experience have you had with studying the Bible?
15. How have Bible verses or stories been a source of comfort for you?
16. What is your favorite Bible story and why?
17. Are there any Bible stories that you believe can be related to our current lives?
18. Is there a verse or chapter in the Bible that always leaves you feeling inspired?
19. What is one thing that you have learned in Bible Study that you want to share with others?
20. How has Bible Study impacted how you view life, God, and other people?