How to choose a daycare: 75 Questions to ask

  1. Do you have a license? 
  2. Approximately how often does the Department of Human Resources inspect the facility? 
  3. Can you tell me if there have ever been any incidents in your facility? 
  4. Has your daycare ever been the subject of any complaints? 
  5. Do you know how many parents have pulled their children out of your facility due to problems with the staff? 
  6. In your facility, how many staff members are there to every child? 
  7. Can you tell me about the qualifications of the staff? 
  8. Have the members of your staff been trained in first aid? 
  9. Would you like to know if your staff members are trained in CPR? 
  10. Does your staff undergo a background check? Do the members of your staff undergo a background check? 
  11. When is the best time for me to stop by and observe? 
  12. How much do you charge for your services?
  13. How much do the fees include? 
  14. Can I get a discount if I have more than one child? 
  15. Is it possible for parents to participate in the planning of the program? 
  16. How often do you take your children outside? 
  17. What is the average amount of time the children spend outside each day? 
  18. In order for my child to play outside, do I need to provide sunscreen? 
  19. What kind of field trips do children go on? 
  20. What are the chances that a parent will be able to accompany their child on a field trip? 
  21. When the children reach the age of potty training age, do you work with them on potty training? 
  22. Will there be any reduction in the fees if my child falls ill or if we take a vacation? 
  23. Is there a specific time when you are open? 
  24. Do I have to pay an additional fee if I am late picking up my child? 
  25. When a child is hurt on the premises of your facility, what are the procedures that should be followed? 
  26. In case my child becomes ill at the facility, what are the procedures that must be followed? 
  27. I would like to know how long teachers stay at your facility – do they stay for a long time or are you a revolving door type of facility? 
  28. Could you please tell me if you have a policy regarding children’s shoes? 
  29. How do you handle sick children in your organization? 
  30. What is the process of disinfecting toys? 
  31. Can you tell me what the schedule is for disinfecting the toys? 
  32. What is the process of disinfecting tables and chairs? 
  33. Is it common for tables and chairs to be disinfected on a regular basis? 
  34. I would like to know if you have a vaccination policy? 
  35. Is there an assigned crib/cot for each child to sleep in? 
  36. Does a baby need to be held when they’re being given a bottle or are the bottles propped as they are given? 
  37. Are bed linens provided by your company? 
  38. When you are warming up a baby bottle, what do you do?
  39. What are the best ways to warm up baby food? 
  40. Would you mind if I took a look inside your refrigerator? 
  41. What is the best way to store diapers and wipes? 
  42. Are all of the children provided with their own diapers and wipes or do you pool them all together? 
  43. Is it necessary for me to bring my own bed linens or do you provide it? 
  44. Is it common for infants to spend time outdoors while they are still very young? 
  45. Would you be able to apply sunscreen to my child before I take him/her outside? 
  46. How do you handle the administration of medications? 
  47. Could you please tell me what temperature you keep your room at? 
  48. Is there any possibility that the staff-to-child ratio will ever change for any reason? 
  49. When a child misbehaves, how is he or she disciplined? 
  50. Can you tell me what type of food is served at breakfast? 
  51. How are lunches prepared? What types of foods are served? 
  52. Can you tell me what types of foods are available for snacking? 
  53. What is the best way for me to send my child breakfast, lunch, or a snack? 
  54. Is it possible to send snacks for the entire class?
  55. Are you able to assure me that my child will not be served anything that he/she is allergic to? 
  56. What are the best ways to keep track of food allergies? 
  57. What is the best way to handle a food allergy attack? 
  58. Do you have a facility that is peanut-proof? 
  59. What is the safety rating of your playground equipment?
  60. Is it possible for me to see the playground? 
  61. Can you tell me how big your playground is? 
  62. Does my child’s class be the only class outside, or will he/she be with other children of the same age? 
  63. What is the purpose of having a television in your facility?
  64. What is the average amount of time that children spend watching TV? 
  65. What is the average amount of time children spend watching television? 
  66. In the classroom, how much time does the student spend learning? 
  67. What is the average amount of free play time spent in a classroom? 
  68. How will the teacher communicate with me regarding the progress of my child? 
  69. What is the teacher’s daily routine for my child, and how does she or he keep up with it? 
  70. What is the frequency of changing out the toys in my child’s classroom? 
  71. What is the best way for my child’s teacher to communicate with me about his or her progress? 
  72. What are some of the ways in which diversity is celebrated at your facility? 
  73. Would it be possible to send cupcakes to my child’s class for his/her birthday? 
  74. How would you describe your educational philosophy? 
  75. What is the treatment of special needs children at this facility? 




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