Hotel Date Night Ideas

Planning a perfect and romantic night for you and your special someone doesn’t have to be difficult! Here are 20 creative hotel date night ideas that you can use to surprise your loved one:

1. Host an in-room spa night complete with massage oils, plush towels, and scented candles
2. Sign up for a cooking class offered at the hotel and have an intimate dinner together afterwards
3. Rent a boat and take a sunset cruise on the lake
4. Go museum-hopping and visit several interesting exhibitions
5. Put your creative juices to use and paint the walls and windows of your room
6. Plan an evening of Stargazing, either in the hotel’s outdoor area or on the roof
7. Play board games together in the hotel lobby
8. Have a movie marathon of your all-time favorite films in your comfy room
9. Set up a cozy outdoor seating arrangement and cuddle up to watch the sunset or night sky
9. Take a class together, like dance lessons or language classes
10. Put on a private concert for each other with instruments in the room
11. Have a romantic evening at the hotel’s bar and treat each other to drinks
12. Take a late-night swim or soak in the pools, jacuzzi, or hot-tubs
13. Participate in a wine tasting event at the hotel
14. Compete against each other for the highest score in an console gaming tournament
15. Enjoy handcrafted cocktails made with local ingredients
16. Have a picnic in the hotel lobby or outdoors
17. Celebrate a special holiday with a romantic late-night treat
18. Have a romantic breakfast in bed, complete with breakfast pastries and a mimosa
19. Go on a walking tour of the city and learn more about its history
20. Book a massage session with a couples’ package and have a relaxing evening together