Home Date Ideas

Need ideas for your next home date night? Look no further! Here are 20 creative and fun home date ideas to mix things up and make sure your next evening at home feels special.

1. Have a spa night – put on your comfiest clothes, give each other massages and do your own facials.
2. Cook a romantic dinner – pick a dish from your favorite local restaurant’s menu and try to recreate it.
3. Take an online cooking or art class together.
4. Play a board game or build a puzzle.
5. Make a list of everything you’re grateful for.
6. Hold a (virtual) mini-olympics – break out the Nerf guns, Twister and hula hoops.
7. Put on your dancing shoes and learn a new dance.
8. Have a wine and cheese night, complete with a cheese board and your favorite wines.
9. Create a time capsule – write a letter to future-you and fill a box with items from today.
10. Have an outdoor movie night – set up the projector, giant sheet, comfy chairs and snacks.
11. Take on a trust exercise together – this could involve blindfolded trust games or fun activities like rock climbing or hiking.
12. Bring the pub to you – set up a home bar, make your own drinks and play trivia.
13. Create a game that showcases your personality – it could be a drinking game, an icebreaker game, or even a funny quiz.
14. Take an online yoga class together.
15. Plan a romantic scavenger hunt around the house.
16. Do some stargazing – set up chairs, campfire snacks and a blanket, and watch the night sky.
17. Have a gourmet pizza night – make your own dough, top with your favorite ingredients and bake.
18. Try baking a cake or cupcakes – you can decorate them any way you like.
19. Organize a dinner party with your friends – decorate the house and make a memorable dinner.
20. Take a virtual vacation together – plan a virtual escape to your dream destination and make dinner and drinks to match.