Gratitude Conversation Starters For Adults

Introduction: Gratitude conversations are an important part of building strong relationships and creating a sense of connectedness. Here are 20 conversation starters to get you to start talking about gratitude.

1. What has been your biggest accomplishment this year? (An appreciation for the successes achieved can be a great way to start the conversation).

2. Who was the most influential person in your life this year? (This helps to recognize the people that have helped shape who you are).

3. How do you show gratitude in your day-to-day life? (Getting an understanding of how someone shows gratitude in their life can open up many new perspectives).

4. What is something you are grateful for that you took for granted before? (Realizing the things you are truly grateful for in life can be a powerful experience).

5. What is something that you have learned this year that has changed your life? (Recognizing the lessons learned and the positive change it has caused in your life can be beneficial).

6. Do you have any rituals that you practice that help you to express your gratitude? (Exploring different techniques for expressing gratitude can be very rewarding).

7. What was your biggest challenge this year and how did you overcome it? (Developing resilience through tribulation is something to be grateful for).

8. What people, things, and events in your life make you feel most grateful? (Growing and looking for a deeper level of understanding of the sources of your thankfulness).

9. What experiences from this year have brought the most joy and happiness? (Reconnecting with what brings happiness mentally and emotionally can help define what gratitude is).

10. What has been your biggest surprise this year? (We can be thankful for the unexpected surprises that life sometimes brings).

11. What has been your biggest self-development this year? (Grateful for the the improvements and the lessons learned doing it).

12. Who are some people that have made a positive impact in your life this year? ( Reflect on and appreciate the positive influences in life).

13. Who are some people who you’re thankful to have in your life? (Being thankful for the people who bring love and joy to life).

14. What is something that made your heart swell with appreciation and gratitude? (Talking about moments of strong appreciation can build strong connections).

15. What do you appreciate about the way you face life’s challenges and difficulties? (We need to be appreciative and have gratitude for the difficult times in life as they make us strong).

16. What are some of the positive changes that you have made this year? (Acknowledging the mistakes, analyzing the lessons, and appreciating the changes you have made can help to foster gratefulness).

17. Are there any moments in the past year that you want to savor forever? (Being grateful and recognizing special moments can be a great way to generate future thankfulness).

18. What has been the most inspiring thing you have witnessed this year? (Expressing gratitude for the incredible examples brought by other people).

19. What technology or invention has made an impact on your life this year? (Grateful for the advancements in technology that have made our lives easier).

20. How has your life improved from the beginning of the year to the present? (Appreciating the progress and the changes that have been made to this point).