Good First Date Idea

Going on a first date can be very exciting, but it can also be quite daunting. To help take some of the pressure off deciding where to go and what to do, here are 20 creative good first date ideas that are sure to get the sparks flying:

1. Attend a comedy show – Nothing gets people laughing and in a flirty mood more than a comedy show.

2. Visit a movie drive in – Enjoy a classic snuggled up in the car.

3. Take a brewery or winery tour – Learn some interesting facts together.

4. Take a class – Learning something together can be a great bonding experience.

5. Have a picnic – Have an old-fashioned lunch date in the park.

6. Test drive a new car – Fun and exciting!

7. Go on a ghost tour – A great way to test each other’s bravery.

8. Take a road trip – Explore a new area together.

9. Go to an art gallery or museum – Discuss your artistic tastes.

10. Play a board game – Fun and very competitive!

11. Go to a concert – Get grooving!

12. Take a surfing lesson – Test yourselves and bond in the ocean.

13. Enjoy an all-you-can-eat, 3-course dinner – Stop by one restaurant for each course.

14. Attend an open mic night – Listen to some local talent.

15. Fly a kite – Enjoy the great outdoors!

16. Paintball – See who’s the better marksman.

17. Ride bicycles – Cruise around town and get some exercise.

18. Take a cooking class – Try something new together in the kitchen.

19. Visit an amusement park – Great way to get your adrenaline going.

20. Play video games – Maybe even have a challenge together.