Funny Flirty Conversation Starters

Intro: It can be intimidating to break the ice with someone new, especially when it comes to flirting. The good news is that you don’t have to be a master of wit to get a great conversation started. Here are 20 funny and flirty conversation starters that will get you and your crush laughing.

1. If you could guest star on any show, which one would it be? – This is a great way to get to know someone’s personality and interests. You can learn a lot about the person you like this way.

2. If you were a super hero, what would your superpower be? – This is a fun and lighthearted question that can put a smile on both of your faces.

3. Do you have a favorite cheesy pick-up line? – This can lead to some hilarious conversation about cheesy pickup lines and even some hilarious ones you both could riff off of.

4. If a genie granted you three wishes, what would you wish for? – This question can lead to some interesting conversations about what you value in life and what’s most important to you.

5. What animated character do you most relate to? – This question can be funny and a great way to get the conversation going.

6. What would your ideal vacation be? – Here you will get a glimpse into what he/she dreams about and hopefully you two can plan a future trip together.

7. What was your most embarrassing moment? – This is a great and funny way to break the ice, as you can both share funny embarrassing stories.

8. If you wrote a book, what would it be about? – This is a great and fun question to ask someone to get to know them better and get to find out what their interests and dreams are.

9. What would be the title of your biopic? – This is a great way to figure out what that special someone values in life.

10. Would you rather go to space or the ocean? – This can open up an interesting conversation about your thoughts on space exploration and the beauty of the ocean.

11. What is the last thing you binge-watched? – This will give you insight into his/her interests and help you compare notes on what shows you both enjoy.

12. If you could learn any skill in the world, what would it be? – This is a fun conversation starter because it allows you to talk about all of the things you and the other person are curious about.

13. What is the most daring thing you have ever done? – This is an interesting and funny conversation starter that can give you an understanding of the other person’s passions and dreams.

14. If you could be any animal, which one would you choose? – This is an entertaining question to start off a conversation because it allows you to learn more about the other person’s imagination and sense of humour.

15. If you could send a text to anyone without them knowing who it was from, who would you send it to? – This is a great flirty conversation starter because it leaves an element of mystery to the conversation, leaving you both wanting more.

16. What is the most daring thing someone has ever done to get your attention? – This can open up a fun and flirtatious conversation, filled with moments of both of you sharing and laughing about daring exploits.

17. If you could go back in time and pick up any skill, what would it be? – This can be a great way to open up a conversation about one’s skills and interests that the other person may have.

18. If you could learn any language fluently, what would it be? – Learning about different cultures can be both an interesting and enjoyable conversation starter.

19. If you could nominate anyone for an Oscar, who would it be? – This is a great question to ask because it lets you learn what type of films and actors your crush is into.

20. Who is your celebrity crush? – It can be really fun to talk about celebrity crushes, especially if you both have similar ones.