Fun Second Date Ideas

This second date is an important milestone in your relationship with your special someone. It’s a chance to get to know each other better and create some unforgettable memories. Here are 20 creative and fun second date ideas to help make your second date spark with passion and anticipation.

1. Go to a theme park and challenge each other to ride the craziest rollercoaster.
2. Take a cooking class and learn some delicious new recipes to make together.
3. Paint pottery at a local studio and take home a one-of-a-kind souvenir.
4. Go mini-golfing and create the most outrageous obstacles.
5. Go to a bubble tea cafe then test each other’s bubble tea skills.
6. Have a picnic in the park with all your favorite treats.
7. Visit a few antique stores to re-discover forgotten treasures.
8. Get lost in a book store, picking out a special book for each other.
9. Attend a secret rooftop garden party.
10. Play a romantic game of laser tag.
11. Have a sushi-making competition to see who’s the best sushi chef.
12. Go to an astronomy observatory and gaze at the night sky.
13. Take the scenic route and explore nearby towns by car.
14. Hold hands while taking a romantic moonlit stroll on the beach.
15. See a comedy or improv show and laugh together.
16. Try out some new recipes while having a karaoke night.
17. Visit an outdoor market and bargain like pros.
18. Take an outdoor yoga class and enjoy a moment of zen together.
19. Go to your favorite restaurant, then transform the leftovers into a new dish.
20. Go ice skating and end the night with some hot cocoa.