Fun Free Date Ideas

Introducing 20 fun, free date ideas for you to enjoy with your significant other! Whether you’re out for the day or just an evening, these ideas will give you plenty of opportunities to connect and to have a good time together.

1. Have a picnic at the local park with just a blanket and some snacks.

2. Visit a local beach or lake to take a romantic stroll.

3. Visit a free museum or art gallery and “tour” the exhibits.

4. Grab some ice cream and then enjoy the view at a nearby pier or observation deck.

5. Play tourist in your own city – explore different neighborhoods and discover new restaurants.

6. Make an outdoor movie night – bring a few movies, a projector and a comfy blanket.

7. Check out the local Farmers Markets and enjoy the scenery and smells.

8. Create a homemade scavenger hunt for your date using clues to lead them to a desired destination.

9. Go for a bike ride together or rent tandem bikes.

10. Have lunch in the park and then admire all the flowers and plants.

11. Go stargazing – you can even see constellations and satellites without a telescope.

12. Visit a botanical garden and take some incredible photos together.

13. Have a game night with some of your favorite childhood board games.

14. Play a round of mini golf and laugh off who wins and who loses.

15. Go rollerblading in a nearby park.

16. Fly a kite at the beach or park.

17. Take a spontaneous road trip in your car and see where the roads take you.

18. Go for a nature walk and observe all the wildlife and trees.

19. Have some friendly competition and challenge each other to a game of chess or ping pong.

20. Have a picnic in the back yard.