Fun Date Ideas In Dc

DC is a city that encourages culture, art, and plenty of fun. For couples in Washington DC, there are plenty of creative date ideas to keep your relationship alive. From rooftop bars to outdoor movie screenings to mini golf, there are so many adventurous date options to make your special night stand out. Here are 20 creative and fun date ideas in DC.

1. Go dumpling tasting in Chinatown.
2. Explore a new neighborhood or attraction while biking or rollerblading.
3. Check out a farmers market.
4. Attend a game night at a local bar.
5. Go to a local drive-in movie theater.
6. Enjoy craft cocktails at a speakeasy.
7. Enjoy a special dinner cruise along the Potomac.
8. Head to the National Mall for a National Park Service ranger-led tour.
9. Enjoy a beer tasting tour at a local brewery.
10. Discover a new art exhibit at a local gallery.
11. Visit a local escape room.
12. Try a culinary class.
13. Take a sightseeing tour along the Potomac River.
14. Visit the US Capitol Building and take a tour.
15. Go cooking or baking together.
16. Take a free guided tour of the National Zoo.
17. Attend a performance at a theater or music venue.
18. Learn a new skill together, such as painting or pottery-making.
19. Play mini golf.
20. Go on a romantic picnic in a DC park.