Fun Date Ideas During Covid

With Covid-19 limiting our social lives, it can be difficult to plan fun dates with your special someone. Here are 20 creative fun date ideas during Covid that you can do together while socially distancing and staying safe:

1. Have an outdoor picnic in the park.
2. Do an outdoor movie night with a projector and big blanket.
3. Visit a drive-in theater.
4. Have a romantic, candlelit dinner at home.
5. Make ice cream sundaes together.
6. Take turns giving each other virtual massages.
7. Play video games together online.
8. Have a special baking night with all your favorite treats.
9. Go for a bike ride or rollerblading adventure.
10. Visit a virtual art gallery and discuss the artwork.
11. Take a dance lesson online.
12. Try an online escape room as a team.
13. Do a virtual scavenger hunt around your neighborhood.
14. Make an outdoor movie theater in your backyard.
15. Take a virtual class together and learn something new.
16. Have a romantic staycation and make a nice dinner.
17. Play charades together.
18. Engage in a heated game of rock, paper, scissors.
19. Have a board game night.
20. Get dressed up and host a fancy dinner party in your home.