Fun Date Ideas At Home

Spending time together doesn’t have to involve restaurant reservations, pricey tickets, and long trips to faraway places. Here are twenty creative, fun, and budget-friendly at home date ideas!

1. Have a game night – grab your favorite board games, cards and snacks to play in the comfort of your own home.

2. Have a movie marathon – watch all of your favorite movies and marathon your favorite TV series.

3. Make a romantic dinner together – order the groceries online, pull out all the stops and make a delicious, romantic meal together.

4. Bake something – find a favorite recipe and bake something delicious together.

5. Have a spa night – light some candles, put on relaxing music, draw a bath and enjoy a tranquil at-home spa day together.

6. Take a virtual wine tasting class – find a virtual sommelier to guide you through interesting wine varieties.

7. Create a pillow fort – this one is especially fun for kids but why not take a trip back to your childhood and make a pillow/blanket fort of your own.

8. Have an indoor picnic – lay out a blanket, fill it with your favorite snacks and drinks and bring an outdoor affair indoors.

9. Play Truth or Dare – amp up the romance with a game of Truth or Dare that’s sure to get the sparks flying.

10. Cook off challenge – see who can create the most creative and delicious dish with whatever ingredients are in the pantry or fridge.

11. DIY cocktail night – create your own signature drinks or have a mixology party and craft your own cocktails.

12. Do-it-yourself spa treatments – give each other manicures and pedicures, or have a spa night with DIY face masks and body scrubs.

13. Compete in a dance contest – pick a style of dance, create a mini-playlist and dance your heart out.

14. Camp in the living room – pitch a tent in the living room, grab some snacks and watch a movie or two.

15. Take an online painting class together – find an artist who offers virtual classes and paint something meaningful together.

16. Sing along to karaoke songs – practice your solo or duo singing skills with a karaoke night.

17. Create a photo album – remember all of your special moments by creating a photo album full of your favorite memories together.

18. Have a themed dress up night – pick a theme and dress up for an evening of fun and games.

19. Take an online cooking class – find a chef who offers online cooking classes and learn a new recipe together.

20. Take an online yoga or exercise class – start a home workout routine and bond over a physical activity class.