Fun Date Ideas Around Temple University Philadelphia

Introducing college dating life to the streets of Philadelphia can be a challenging task. However, there are many fun-filled and romantic activities to enjoy throughout the city. Temple University Philadelphia offers plenty of unique date ideas that will make any occasion special. Below is a list of 20 creative date ideas that you can enjoy at Temple University.

1. Take a walk in the park of the popular surrounding Fairmount Park.
2. Enjoy a movie at the historic Electric Factory.
3. Enjoy some sweet treats at Chick-Fil-A.
4. Take a sneak peak into the many art galleries, galleries, and installations at the area’s world-class exhibition, Fabric Workshop and Museum.
5. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride along the Ben Franklin National Historic Trail.
6. Enjoy some classic Shakespeare in the park at the Theater of living Arts.
7. Skate along the ice trails for an adventurous spin on the normal dating routine.
8. Enjoy a classic romantic dinner together at the Templetown Brewery.
9. Make your own canvas painting and then have an indoor picnic at Rodin Museum.
10. Learn the historical significance of the Liberty Bell and then climb atop the Liberty Bell Center for some incredible selfies!
11. Have a romantic night in and make a gourmet dinner together at Mitten Hall.
12. Attend an outdoor music concert and dance the night away together at Mann Music Center.
13. Take a horseback riding tour and enjoy some outdoor adventure together at Fairhill Farm.
14. Visit the student run farmers market and pick out some gourmet treats at the student driven Farmers Market.
15. Stroll through vibrant and cultural Chinatown, take a breather at Washington Square and explore the numerous gardens, stores and other attractions.
16. Take a cooking class together at Roy-Winston Cooking School.
17. Have a romantic night under the stars together at the Belmont Plateau.
18. Enjoy public karaoke together at Ballroom Blitz.
19. Take in the breathtaking skyline views from Blue Cross RiverRink.
20. Grab an ice cream cone and relax while taking a romantic walk through the grounds of the Temple University campus.