Fun Cheap Date Ideas

Dating can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here is a list of 20 fun, cheap date ideas you can use to get to know your special someone better.

1. Take a walk around your neighborhood and browse at the local markets.

2. Make a romantic picnic for two, complete with your favorite snacks.

3. Have a movie night in your home, making snacks and enjoying a classic.

4. Find a local park and take a sunset stroll.

5. Visit a local farm and pick your own fresh produce.

6. Have a “paint night” at home and create your own masterpieces.

7. Enjoy a romantic dinner for two at home, with your favorite recipes.

8. Take a guided tour of a local art museum.

9. Head over to a local bar for pub trivia night.

10. Stop and check out the live music at a local jazz club.

11. Enjoy an evening of ice skating, followed by hot chocolate.

12. Have a game night, with all your favorite board games.

13. Look up the weekly outdoor movies in your city and see one together.

14. Have a spa night at home, doing each other’s nails, faces, and haircuts.

15. Go on a long, leisurely bike ride through the park.

16. Take a cooking class together and learn to make your favorite dishes.

17. Make a stop at the local bookstore and browse for new reads.

18. Head to the shops and window shop like you used to as kids.

19. Have a scavenger hunt throughout the city, checking out different sights together.

20. Attend discounted theater tickets and enjoy a night of culture.