First Dates Ideas

Introducing your date to something new and unusual on the first date can help make the experience more memorable and exciting. To help you get started planning a perfect first date, here are 20 creative date ideas.

1. Visit an outdoor farmers’ market or public garden.
2. Go bowling, roller skating, or mini-golfing.
3. Go stargazing in a quiet park or open field.
4. Attend a craft night, art class, or cooking class together.
5. Explore a local flea market to find unique treasures.
6. Take a bubble bath together.
7. Visit a wildlife sanctuary or zoo.
8. Go on a scenic bike ride around your town.
9. Play video or laser tag.
10. Visit a nearby botanical garden.
11. Go to the beach and take a long walk.
12. Find a local “food crawl” and explore different restaurants.
13. Attend a music or comedy show.
14. Take a short road trip to a nearby destination.
15. Plan a romantic picnic with cheese, wine, and your favorite snacks.
16. Visit an arcade or amusement park.
17. Go to a sports game, local festival, or outdoor concert.
18. Take a hike in the woods with a picnic lunch.
19. Check out a virtual reality arcade or game night.
20. Watch a classic movie from the drive-in or an outdoor cinema.