Find Someone Who Icebreaker Questions

Icebreakers are a great way to break the ice and get people talking in a group setting. This fun game of “Find Someone Who” can help create an atmosphere of connection and lead to deeper conversations. Here are 20 creative find someone who questions to get the conversation started.

1. Has been on a cruise
2. Knows how to make their own food from scratch
3. Has ever fallen in love at first sight
4. Thinks outside the box
5. Loves trying different types of cuisine
6. Can name all seven continents
7. Has swam with wild dolphins
8. Is a night owl
9. Practices yoga
10. Travels whenever they can
11. Can play a musical instrument
12. Has been the guest of honor at a wedding
13. Is passionate about a particular cause
14. Enjoys making art
15. Makes time to read books
16. Is an expert at technology
17. Gives back to their community
18. Has been to more than one country
19. Has tried 5 or more types of bubble tea
20. Has a secret talent for something