Dinner Date Ideas

Enjoying a romantic dinner with your special someone is the perfect way to make the night memorable. Here is a list of 20 creative dinner date ideas to get you started.

1. Have a picnic dinner at your favorite park.

2. Take a cooking class and make dinner together.

3. Tour a local winery and pair your dinner with their wines.

4. Attend a farmers market and pick up fresh ingredients to cook dinner at home.

5. Have a themed dinner night. Pick a theme like Mediterranean cuisine, Italian, Indian, etc.

6. Dress up and have dinner at a fine dining establishment.

7. Go on a food truck tour and sample a variety of cuisines.

8. Take turns pic k cking a restaurant. Make up a game of it. Winner pays the dinner bill.

9. Pack a dinner and head to the beach to have dinner under the stars.

10. Go stargazing and enjoy dinner at the observatory.

11. Plan a progressive dinner. Visit different restaurants for each course.

12. Take a dinner cruise and enjoy a romantic meal with a view.

13. Rent out a private room or space at a local restaurant.

14. Visit a modern art gallery and then have dinner at a cafe nearby.

15. Have dinner at a jazz club. Book a table and enjoy dinner while listening to the live music.

16. Take a takeout dinner to an outdoor movie night.

17. Have dinner at a local garden and enjoy the night air.

18. Take dinner to a botanical garden or museum and enjoy dinner in the outdoor courtyard.

19. Play a game of bowling, followed by dinner at a nearby diner.

20. Go for dinner at an interactive restaurant. Breakout rooms, mystery dinners, and escape dinners all make for a memorable dinner date.