Deep Conversation Starters For Crush

Intro: Starting a conversation with your crush can be daunting, but don’t worry! Here are 20 great conversation starters to get the ball rolling. Plus, each one is perfect for a deep and meaningful conversation with your special someone.

1. What have you been thinking about a lot lately and why? – This conversation starter will help unfold a thoughtful and interesting conversation as it encourages your crush to reflect on what’s on their mind.

2. What do you see as your purpose in life? – This is a great question to ask your crush if you want to get to know them on a deeper level. It’s a great way to learn about your crush’s values and life goals.

3. Where do you feel most at peace? – Open ended questions like this help to reveal your crush’s innermost thoughts and feelings.

4. What makes you happiest? – A great conversation starter to help you understand your crush’s mindset and values.

5. How have your experiences sculpted you into the person you are today? – This is an excellent conversation starter that allows your crush share their experiences, and to reflect on how they have evolved over time.

6. What do you prefer, the present moment or the future? – This conversation starter allows you to discuss goals and dreams, as well as ways to live in the moment.

7. What do you find beauty in? – A great way to learn about your crush’s appreciation for the world around them.

8. What do you value most in a relationship? – This is a great question if you’re looking for insight on what your crush wants in a relationship.

9. How did you fall in love with your favorite book? – A fun yet in-depth conversation starter that can help unravel your crush’s interests and passions.

10. What would be your perfect day? – A great conversation starter to talk about ideal plans and life goals.

11. What did you learn from your biggest regret? – A wonderful conversation starter that encourages reflection and growth.

12. What is your definition of success? – This conversation starter allows discussions of values, mentors, and dreams.

13. What have you learned about yourself recently? – A great way to explore your crush’s current thoughts and reflections.

14. What is the wall between your dreams and reality? – A great conversation starter to motivates your crush to dream big and accomplish even more.

15. What do you believe is the meaning of life? – A great conversation starter to get to your crush’s core values and beliefs.

16. What is something you do that you want to do more of? – An ideal conversation starter that encourages your crush to pursue their passions.

17. What would you like to learn how to do? – A great way to discover your crush’s interests and things they would like to explore in the future.

18. How do you decide when to follow your heart and when to think with your head? – A great way to get to know your crush better and explore their decision-making process.

19. What are some small changes you can make to better your life? – A great conversation starter to encourage reflection, growth, and motivation.

20. What do you think is the purpose of existence? – A great conversation starter to dig deep and discuss spiritual, philosophical topics.