Deep Conversation Starters For Best Friends

Introduction: Finding topics of conversation to chat about with your best friend can sometimes be challenging. Here are 20 deep conversation starters perfect for best friends who want to engage in meaningful and thought-provoking conversations.

1. How can we use our friendship to make a difference? – This starter encourages a discussion on the potential value of friendships and how we can use it to do good in the world.

2. Do our unique perspectives provide value to each other? – This starter opens the door to discussing how our diversity of thought can bring enrichment to our friendship and help us to gain unique insights.

3. How could we support each other more? – This helps to create an atmosphere of openness and vulnerability in which friends can discuss their needs and how they can offer support to one another.

4. What drives us to stay close? – This is an exploration into why and how our friendship has been sustained over the years, allowing us to analyze the components of our connection.

5. Is there something about our friendship that we can improve? – This encourages frank discussion about areas where our friendship could be enhanced and strengthened.

6. When do we feel most heard by each other? – This invites an honest look at the moments where we show up for each other and are truly seen and heard.

7. What experiences have shaped us the most? – This allows both friends to reflect on the experiences that have had the most impact on them and where they’re at today.

8. What would our perfect day look like? – This is a fun conversation starter for friends to share what their ideal day would be like and how they would spend it with each other.

9. What obstacles have we overcome together? – This conversation starter brings up topics of toughness and resilience in the face of adversity, allowing both friends to reflect and appreciate the progress made.

10. What fears do we both share? – This is a chance to discuss the topics we are both scared of and how to better understand and face those fears.

11. What is our legacy? – Transcending the current moment, this topic opens a discussion on what we as friends would like to be remembered for in the long run.

12. What is the most valuable lesson we have each learned? – This is an opportunity to discuss the lessons that have been the most beneficial and meaningful to each of us.

13. What do we hope to manifest with our friendship? – This allows us to cast a vision of what we desire our friendship to look like in the near and distant future.

14. What unique gifts do we bring to the table? – This conversation starter invites friends to recognize and celebrate the special talents and abilities that each has to offer.

15. How have we grown together? – This evaluates our friendship at various points in maturity and understanding, examining how it has changed over the years.

16. What is the most challenging thing we’ve faced together?- Re-opening a potentially difficult discussion on the difficult things experienced as a team, this gives us the chance to gain perspective.

17. What moments were our most meaningful? – This allows for reminiscence of the significant moments that stand out throughout our friendship.

18. What have we both learned about life?- This offers an exploration into the experiences and lessons that have shaped our beliefs and outlook on life.

19. What did we both take away from our last conversation? – This is an opportunity to review our last discussion and remember the valuable learnings that were shared.

20. How can we become better friends? – This is a great way to end an already meaningful conversation by setting intentions on possible improvements and changes to implement.