Date Night Cooking Ideas

Inviting date night cooking into your relationship can be a fun and rewarding way to get closer to your significant other. Here are some creative ideas to make your next date night even more exciting!

1. Learn to make a new dish together.
2. Recreate a dish from your favorite restaurant.
3. Set up an oyster-shucking contest.
4. Go for a picnic and make your own sushi.
5. Have a homemade pasta-making night.
6. Make traditional regional dishes from either person’s culture.
7. Have a competition to make the best pizzas from scratch.
8. Bake a cake together from a recipe one of you has come up with.
9. Grill up some tasty kebabs.
10. Indulge in a chocolate-making night.
11. Turn it into a game night and have burgers or hotdogs on the grill.
12. Decorate cupcakes to your hearts’ content.
13. Pick an ingredient and find a new unexpected way to use it.
14. Surprise each other with mysterious ingredients for the other person to cook with.
15. Put together an elegant three-course meal from different cookbooks.
16. Try out making various types of dim sum.
17. Make homemade ice cream and experiment with flavors.
18. Make a fondue night and dip in all kinds of goodies.
19. Have a coffee-infused date night and make coffee cakes and espresso-based drinks.
20. Make stove-top s’mores and get creative with spice combinations.