Date Night Box Ideas

Introducing Date Night Boxes – the perfect way to plan out special and creative moments for your most romantic occasions! Here are 20 creative ideas to get you started:

1. Picnic in the Park – Pack a basket of your favorite foods and a cozy blanket.

2. Cocktail Night – Get the ingredients for a special cocktail, like a margarita or a margarita, and make them together.

3. Scavenger Hunt – Create a scavenger hunt with clues that lead to various unknown locations.

4. Bonfire – Pack s’mores supplies and make an outdoor bonfire.

5. Art Night – Fill a box with art supplies and create something together.

6. Glamping – Get all the supplies you need for an outdoor movie or game night (tents, air mattresses, etc).

7. Karaoke Night – Fill a box with karaoke music and a Bluetooth speaker to have a sing-along.

8. Puzzle – Include a puzzle to work on together and finish it over time.

9. Game Night – Pack a box with all your favorite board or card games.

10. Coffee Date – Fill the box with coffee beans, mugs, and breakfast pastries.

11. Photography Session – Include props and a camera to take fun photos together.

12. Wine Tasting – Fill the box with a selection of wines, must-have wine accessories, and tasty snacks.

13. Spa Day – Pack some spa essentials like facial masks and lavender scented candles.

14. Couples Therapy – Include couples therapy exercises, books, and a journal to work on together.

15. Pottery Class – Get supplies for a pottery class and make something unique together.

16. Cooking Class – Fill the box with all the kitchen supplies you need to follow a cooking class together.

17. Outdoor Adventure – Pack all the supplies you need for a camping or hiking trip.

18. Music Instruments – Get all the musical instruments you need to have a jam session together.

19. Yoga Class – Get all the yoga supplies you need for an outdoor class.

20. Dance Night – Include a dance video lesson and accessories to practice together.