Date Ideas For Rainy Days

It’s easy to make excuses when the weather is dreary and gray, but there are plenty of romantic and fun ways to spend your time together when it’s raining. Here are 20 creative date ideas for rainy days:

1. Have an indoor picnic with food, drinks and blankets.

2. Make dinner together – choose a recipe and visit the store for the ingredients.

3. Get cozy in your PJs and binge watch a series together.

4. Have a game night with your favorite board games.

5. Turn your living room into a makeshift bowling alley with plastic bottles and bouncy balls.

6. Have an at-home spa day – getting facials, giving each other massages and playing spa music.

7. Take a class together – online cooking classes, language lessons, or ones with a live instructor.

8. Construct a fort with sheets, pillows, and blankets and have a movie night inside.

9. Have an indoor obstacle course using furniture and supplies around your house for an active afternoon.

10. Make a craft together – paint a canvas, knit a scarf, or build something from scratch.

11. Learn a two-person choreographed dance together.

12. Have an indoor mini golf tournament – use objects around the house as obstacles.

13. Play hide-and-seek with snacks, drinks and small prizes.

14. Play with your pet and practice their tricks.

15. Have a photo shoot – snap selfies or have the other person take pictures.

16. Take a virtual tour of a museum.

17. Explore the items in your pantry and kitchen – see what you can make with the ingredients.

18. Hold a karaoke contest with your favorite songs.

19. Have a cook-off by splitting into teams and seeing who can make the best meal.

20. Get out of the house and explore the city – walk in the rain and enjoy the sights.