Date Ideas For Long Distance

Long distance relationships can be difficult to maintain, with the lack of physical proximity sometimes making it difficult to stay connected and expressing love. Here are 20 creative date ideas that couples in a long distance relationship can use to feel closer and create special moments even if they’re apart.

1. Watch the stars together – find a clear night, and both find a spot to view the night sky. Take turns picking out different constellations and talk about your dreams, hopes, and wishes
2. Have a movie marathon – come up with a list of movies over a video call, then both watch them on the same day and talk or text in between the films.
3. Attend a virtual concert – support your favorite artists online, and catch a screening of their show through livestreaming services.
4. Cook dinner together – exchange recipes and ingredients, then each make dinner for the other. You can also start a potluck dinner with friends over Zoom.
5. Play an online game – compete against each other on virtual sports games, or join an online escape room from the comfort of your own home.
6. Create a photo album – compile memories from your time apart, exchanging photos and writing captions to create an album.
7. Take a virtual tour – check out sites and attractions from around the world with a virtual tour.
8. Video chat over coffee – grab a cup of coffee and catch up with a virtual date.
9. Read the same book and discuss – commit to a book club pick, then talk about it over video call.
10. Take part in a yoga or fitness class – find a free class online, then join together and complete it together.
11. Have an art jam – tune in an online concert, turn up the volume, and both practice your artwork.
12. Plan an online picnic – shop for items to create an online picnic atmosphere, complete with decorations and props.
13. Organise a dinner party – invite friends over a Zoom dinner party, and have each person bring their favorite dishes.
14. Go on a virtual ghost tour – find ghost tours from around the globe, take turns and learn about the cities’ haunted history.
15. Have a spa night – create a spa atmosphere over video call and give each other mini-treatments.
16. Play a board game – choose a game you both like, then play it together over video chat.
17. Go on a virtual museum tour – check out your favorite artworks from the comfort of your own home.
18. Sky watch from afar – take turns picking out constellations, stars, and planets and discuss them while enjoying the night sky.
19. Create a vision board – share ideas on what you’d like to achieve in the future and create a collage.
20. Make breakfast in bed – surprise your partner with an online breakfast-in-bed, complete with a food delivery and decorations.