Date Ideas At Night

Going out on a date at night can be a great way to strengthen your relationship. It gives you the opportunity to be alone and enjoy each other’s company in the warmth of the evening. Here are twenty creative date ideas at night that will help bring you closer together.

1. Stargazing. Find a clear, dark sky and spend some time watching the night sky together.

2. Dinner in the Park. Pack a light dinner to-go and enjoy it together in a park at night.

3. Amusement Park. Spend some time together at a local amusement park to ride roller coasters and other fun rides.

4. Paint Night. Sign up for a couple’s paint night class and create a masterpiece for each other.

5. Mini Golf. Challenge each other with a game of mini golf at an indoor driving range.

6. Late Night Arcade Games. Play video games together at your local arcade.

7. Night Hike. Take a night hike at a nearby trail and enjoy the sounds of nature in the dark.

8. Late Night Brunch. Try a late night brunch at a select restaurant and stay up to enjoy breakfast food after dinner.

9. Drive-In Movie. Watch a movie together with dinner at a nearby drive-in theater.

10. Club Night. Dress up for a night on the town and hit the dance floor at your favorite club or local salsa spot.

11. Concert. Buy tickets to see a concert at a local venue and show off your singing and dancing skills.

12. Wine Tasting. Take a romantic wine tasting at a nearby vineyard or winery.

13. Stroll on the Beach. Take a romantic stroll along the beach at night.

14. Bowling. Bowl a few frames in the evening with dinner and drinks while challenging each other to a game of bowling.

15. Indoor Scavenger Hunt. Create an indoor scavenger hunt game for yourself and your date around your home.

16. Hotel Stay. Book a night away at a nearby hotel for an exciting evening of luxury.

17. Picnic in the Park. Pack a nice picnic dinner and eat in the park at night.

18. Karaoke Night. Get cheeky and show off your singing skills at your local karaoke bar.

19. Concerts in the Park. Attend local summer concerts in a park or plaza.

20. Scenic Drive. Take a scenic night drive and enjoy the city views from the car.