Date Ideas At Home

Staying safe at home doesn’t mean you have to compromise on having a romantic time with your partner. Here are 20 creative date ideas at home for inspiration for your next stay-at-home date.

1. Build a fort together and set up a movie night inside it.
2. Have a cooking competition with whatever is in the pantry.
3. Get dressed up and have an outdoor picnic in the backyard.
4. Have a fun scavenger hunt around the house.
5. Play board games like Monopoly, Life, or Uno.
6. Have an art night – grab paints, paper, and clay and get creative.
7. Make sundaes and watch old classic movie.
8. Play truth or dare and enjoy each other’s goofy questions and truths.
9. Have a wine and cheese night.
10. Attend a free virtual concert together.
11. Compile a playlist of your favorite songs.
12. Have a surprise dinner date – one partner cooks while the other sets up the table.
13. Do a jigsaw puzzle- you can both work on it together.
14. Read a book out loud to each other.
15. Have a spa night – make your own home face masks and give each other massages.
16. Compose a song together.
17. Create a list of the top ten places you’d like to holiday.
18. Plan a vision board night and share your dreams for the future.
19. Play dress up and stage a fashion show.
20. Create a virtual date on a 3-D app.