Date At Home Ideas

Welcome to staying in with your significant other! Here we have 20 creative date at home ideas perfect for snuggling in at home with. From breakfast-in-bed to couples yoga, we have all the perfect activities to get your intimacy going.

1. Breakfast in bed with fresh flowers.
2. Fancy dress up night.
3. Host an international food night.
4. Have an indoor picnic.
5. Movie night with gourmet snacks.
6. Get cozy for couples yoga.
7. DIY spa night.
8. Create your own signature cocktail.
9. Paint by numbers.
10. Perform a romantic karaoke duet.
11. Take turns giving each other massages.
12. Board game tournament.
13. Bake your own pizzas.
14. Indoor campfire with smores.
15. Have an indoor scavenger hunt.
16. Set up a mini golf course.
17. Take an online cooking class.
18. Play video games together.
19. Plan the ultimate date night.
20. Put on a fashion show.