Cute Valentines Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a time for couples to show their love for one another. With pandemic restrictions still in place, we’ve come up with some creative, safe and cute Valentines date ideas. Here are twenty possibilities for you and your loved one to make your Valentine’s Day truly special.

1. Wine tasting at home: Create your own home tasting event with different wines and cheeses.

2. Tarot reading: Get creative with a tarot reading for each other.

3. Vintage movie night: Pick out a classic film you both love and cuddle up for a romantic night in.

4. Stargazing: Take a drive to a place away from the city lights and spend some time enjoying the starry sky.

5. Drive-in movie: Have a romantic night at a drive-in theatre with refreshments.

6. Spa day at home: Create a spa day at home, complete with a DIY facial, massage, bubble bath and chocolate-dipped Strawberries.

7. Play board games: Spend a cozy night in playing your favorite board games with a themed dinner and plenty of snacks.

8. Make a Romantic parfait: Put together a romantic breakfast parfait made with your favorite ingredients.

9. Online Cooking class: Share the role of chef and attend an online cooking class together.

10. Valentine crafts: Create a beautiful handmade card, decorations for your home, or a special gift for each other.

11. Window shopping: Go on a window shopping tour around the city and find beautiful and unique keepsakes for each other.

12. Learn to dance: Take a virtual dance class together and put your new moves to practice in the living room.

13. Candlelight dinner: Set the mood by having a romantic, candle lit dinner.

14. Valentine scavenger hunt: Prepare a list of items to find around the house and make a game out of it.

15. Video game night: Get together to play your favorite video games and compete on who’s the best.

16. Take a walk: Wear your most stylish outfits and take a romantic stroll around town.

17. Valentine dessert challenge: Pick a dessert you’d like to make and challenge each other to see who can make the best one.

18. Scenic picnic: Bring your picnic basket to a park and enjoy the fresh air, with a great view.

19. Paint your own pottery: Have fun with paint and pottery, and make something special for each other.

20. Home karaoke: Let out your inner singer and take turns singing romantic ballads for each other.