Cute At Home Date Ideas

Looking for the perfect date night without ever having to leave the house? No need to worry! Whether you’re looking for a casual night in or a fancy evening out at home, here are 20 creative and cute at home date ideas:

1. Create a romantic dinner menu together.
2. Bake a special dessert and enjoy it over candlelight.
3. Have a movie marathon and recreate the theater experience, with popcorn, candy and blankets.
4. Challenge each other to a game of classic video games, like Mario Cart.
5. Set up a tasting of different wines and cheeses.
6. Prepare a cocktail or mocktail recipe together.
7. Exchange massages with candles and soft music.
8. Play a board game or card game like Uno.
9. Have a romantic karaoke evening singing your favorite songs.
10. Recreate your first date, or create a new first date.
11. Host a ’70s themed night with retro music and a themed dinner.
12. Take turns telling each other your favorite childhood stories.
13. Recreate your favorite restaurant experience, even going so far as to make reservations for two!
14. Have a spa night with relaxing baths and facials.
15. Put together jigsaw puzzles together.
16. Have a “sugar spa,” where you taste different types of sweet treats.
17. Spend the night in your own phone-free world.
18. Go on a virtual museum tour and discuss the artwork.
19. Turn on some music and dance the night away.
20. Create a craft together, like a dreamcatcher, or write a love letter.