Couples Date Night Ideas

Introducing date night ideas that put the spark and excitement back into your relationship! Here are 20 creative and fun ideas to get you and your partner out of your comfort zone and reconnecting.

1. Indoor Picnic: Arrange a picnic with blankets and pillows right at home. Put together a simple basket of your favorite foods, light some candles, and set up backyard games to enjoy.

2. Stargazing: Head outside, bundle up, and enjoy the night sky while discussing the stars and all their wonder.

3. Take a Dance Class: Whether it’s swing dancing, salsa, or ballroom–find a class and get learning and grooving.

4. Paint Your Own Pottery: Pick out your favorite pieces and go to pottery studio together to paint and create.

5. Make a Local Recipe Together: Pick up some ingredients from the local farmer’s market and make a traditional recipe from the region.

6. Watch a Concert: Go to a local show or an outdoor amphitheater to enjoy live music.

7. Campfire & S’mores: Head to a nearby campsite, build a fire and make special memories by the crackling of the fire.

8. Visit a Local Museum: Take a history lesson and check out a local museum – get to know your city a little better.

9. Take a Trip to the Arcade: Relive the days of your childhood and bring out the competitive side of your relationship.

10. Go Kayaking: Get out on the open water and paddle away your worries with a leisurely kayak trip.

11. Dance in the Rain: Be brave, throw on your raincoats, and jump in the puddles.

12. Movie Trivia Night: Write out a list of 50 questions about movies and have a double-date trivianight.

13. Ride Bikes: Take a tour of your city on two wheels and enjoy the sights.

14. Watch Theater: Go see a local theater performance or a play in a different town.

15. Hit Up Karaoke: Belt out your favorite classic and show your silly side.

16. Visit the Aquarium: Spend the day being mesmerized by the ocean life and get some salt in the air.

17. Take a Cooking Class: Learn about a new type of cuisine and work together to make it.

18. Wine Tasting: Check out an upcoming wine festival or find a local winery to visit. Make sure to take home a bottle of your favorite.

19. Visit the Zoo: Make like a kid again and explore the zoo – visit the animals, ride the train, and learn a little something new.

20. Mini Golf: Channel your crazy golf side and make some friendly bets to add a layer of interest to the evening.