Cool Date Ideas

Going on a date can be a great way to get to know someone and have some fun. Here are 20 creative cool date ideas you can try out.

1. Visit a museum and share tidbits of knowledge with each other
2. Find a cool outdoor movie night and a picnic blanket
3. Learn a new language together
4. Go kayaking to explore the waters in your area
5. Go on a scenic hike and take in the nature around you
6. Visit a winery and do a wine tasting
7. Visit your local farmers market and pick up ingredients to cook a meal together
8. Take a dance class together
9. Grab some ice cream and window shop
10. Visit a haunted house and get spooked
11. See a show together
12. Go to an arcade and challenge each other to games
13. Plant a garden, water the plants daily and watch them grow
14. Roam around a bookstore and read snippets from books
15. Have a real-life scavenger hunt
16. Learn a new skill together, such as knitting or painting
17. Visit an amusement park
18. Play mini golf with your own set of rules
19. Create a painting together
20. Head to an animal refuge and volunteer for a day