Conversations Starters With Girlfriend


Finding conversation starters when you’re in a committed relationship with your girlfriend can be a challenge. Here are some great conversation starters to help get the ball rolling so that you and your girlfriend can have great conversations!

1. What did you do today? – Ask your girlfriend about her day, and see if there’s any special highlight that you can discuss in more details.

2. What tv show/movie/book have you been enjoying lately? – Find out what entertainment she has been enjoying and see if you can share some common interests to talk about further.

3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you want to go? – Talk about some travel dreams and build up the possibility of going there together.

4. What would be on your ideal date night? – Discuss what you would both want to do if you could plan the perfect date night.

5. What do you think is the worst thing about being in a relationship? – Discuss how you can help address the “worst thing” together.

6. What do you think of my fashion style? – Get her opinion on your outfit choices, and you can each update your looks based on her input.

7. If you could only have one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be? – Share your favorite type of meals and laugh about the ones you would never want to have for dinner.

8. What would you do if you had a million dollars? – Have some fun dreaming about what you could do with a million dollars and how you could live differently.

9. What are your thoughts on bilingualism? – If you’re trying to learn a different language together, you can discuss the importance of learning a second language.

10. What was the last thing you read that made you think? – See what stories, opinions, and ideas she has been exposed to to expand your mindset together.

11. What are some of the things that make you feel most grateful? – Talk about the things that you are both thankful for and see where the conversation takes it.

12. What do you miss most about being single? – Talk about the space that you miss from your singles days and how to incorporate some of that back now that you’re in a relationship.

13. What are some of the things that you’ve learned about relationships when you started dating? – Share the lessons that you both have learned about relationships and how it has made you two stronger.

14. What do you think of me when I do this? – The old game of playing 21 questions is great for any relationship. Ask her some questions about her opinion of you to deepen your connection towards each other.

15. What’s the most thing you’ve been afraid of recently? – Learn more about each other’s fears and what drives those insecurities.

16. What do you think of when you hear or see that? – If you have a special language between each other, this conversation starter can have you both laughing out loud.

17. How has your week been going? – Capture the events and experiences that she had during this week and see if you can find moments to chime in with your own week.

18. What are you most excited about in the upcoming months? – Talk about the things that you are looking forward to, like a special occasion or a shared trip.

19. What do you want to do on the weekend? – If the weekend is your two’s special time, talk about how you’re going to spend it from the possibility of outdoor activities, day trips, or just spending time talking for hours.

20. What’s your definition of true love? – Learn more about your soulmate’s view of true love and if it’s in line with your own definition.