Conversations Starters For Your Crush

Introduction: Having a crush can be an exciting, but also nerve-racking, experience. If you’re looking for conversation starters for your crush, here are 20 ideas that could help you break the ice:

1. Ask how their day is going – Something as simple as getting to know how their day is going can help start a conversation and show that you’re interested in them.

2. Compliment them – Compliments can make people feel special, so start a conversation by giving your crush a genuine compliment.

3. Share a joke or funny story – Finding something humorous to talk about can be an easy way to break the ice and get the conversation flowing.

4. Ask about a hobby – If your crush has a hobby they’re passionate about, ask them to tell you more about it.

5. Ask what their favorite band is – Get to know more about your crush’s interests by asking them about their favorite bands.

6. Talk about what you’re watching right now – Start a conversation by asking them what TV show or movie they’re currently watching.

7. Ask what their ideal weekend looks like – Ask them to tell you about their vision of a perfect weekend and find out what they’d like to do on the weekend.

8. Ask about their family – Showing genuine interest in their family let’s your crush know that you care.

9. Talk about your favorite food – Talking about food can be a great way to start a conversation, so tell your crush about your favorite food.

10. Ask about their job or school – Learning more about where your crush works or goes to school can help start a conversation.

11. Ask what their passion project is – Find out what project your crush is currently developing.

12. Ask where they’d like to travel – If travel is something you’re both interested in, ask them where they’d like to visit.

13. Discuss a mutual friend – Talking about a mutual friend can be a great way to get your conversation flowing.

14. Ask an open-ended question – Starting the conversation with an open-ended question can be a good way to get to know your crush on a deeper level.

15. Ask what their dream pet would be – Asking what their dream pet would be is a unique and fun way to start a conversation.

16. Ask if they have any talents – Asking if your crush has any unique talents can start an interesting conversation.

17. Talk about the latest hot topics – Get the conversation going by discussing the most recent buzzworthy topics.

18. Ask your crush to weigh in on a decision – This can be a great way to get to know your crush’s opinion on something without being too direct.

19. Ask what they did over the weekend – Talking about the weekend can be a great conversation starter.

20. Talk about a mutual interest – See if you have any interests in common, and start the conversation off by discussing them.