Conversation Starters With Your Husband

From game night to date night, conversations with your husband can be a great addition to any evening. Laughter and good times will roll when your conversations spark interesting stories, shared memories and deeper conversations. Here are twenty conversation starters for a fun evening with your husband.

1. If you could take a dream vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? (This is an open-ended and fun way to consider different experiences, explore personal interests and imagine where you’d both like to go in the future!)

2. What was the most enjoyable thing you did during your last day off work? (A question like this can lead to sharing inside jokes or meaningful conversations about experiences during the day that you don’t often have time to chat about.)

3. What would you say is your all-time favorite movie and why? (Movies often hold special memories and this is a great way to discuss why a particular film has stuck with you both over the years.)

4. If you could live any period of history in the world, which would you choose and why? (This is a great way to explore your passions, interests, and to talk about the ways different generations lived their lives. )

5. Where was the best date you ever had? (A great way to get reminiscing on your best date memories together, this is an opportunity to talk about your favorite dates and share favorite moments from them.)

6. List six words that best describe our relationship. (A fun and light-hearted question that is sure to get you both chatting and laughing, explore your relationship by asking this question and make time to reflect on your favorite parts of being together.)

7. What’s the nicest thing you’ve noticed about me recently? (Everyone needs to feel cared for and appreciated. Taking time to express gratitude for each other can make you both feel valued and loved.)

8. What would be your ideal menu for a romantic dinner? (Discuss food options that you both enjoy and create a dinner menu together! Discuss culinary interests while getting creative at the same time with suggestions too.)

9. Who was your favorite teacher in school and why? (Memories from school can bring out funny stories and experiences! Hear about their favorite people and experiences from earlier in their life.)

10. If you could instantly learn a new skill, which would you choose? (A fun way to explore a new hobby together or perhaps try out something new that you both haven’t done before!)

11. Who would you choose to be stranded with on a deserted island and why? (This is a fun and light-hearted way to explore different people who might be more suited for the job.)

12. If money was not an issue, what would your dream job be? (A great conversation to explore and share different passions, interests and career choices if financial constraints were not a factor.)

13. What would you say are the five most important lessons you’ve learnt in life? (This is a great way to reflect on life experiences and learn from one another while doing so!)

14. What would be your ideal birthday surprise? (From a surprise dinner to a day out, plan and discuss a treat for the special occasion!)

15. What are three things you admire most about yourself? (Practice self-care together and focus on the positive things we all bring to the table.)

16. Where is one place you’d both love to explore together? (Allow yourselves to dream and plan experiences that you both would love to do together!)

17. What was the last thing you read (book, article, etc) and why? (Discuss interests, share ideas and explore literature that may be more obscure or off the beaten path.)

18. Out of your current group of friends, who would you say is the most adventurous? (A fun question to bring up old memories and also make plans for future trips and explorations!)

19. Share one of your favorite memories from childhood. (Share stories and reminisce on experiences that might have been forgotten over the years!)

20. What would you say is your favorite book and why? (Explore literature and discuss why a story or book may have held more significance to you!