Conversation Starters With Teenage Daughter

Introduction: Talking with your teenage daughter can be a challenge. To get the conversation going, use these 20 conversation starters that are specifically designed to help jump-start a meaningful dialogue between parent and teen.

1. Ask your daughter what she did that day. People love to talk about themselves, and asking your daughter to share her daily experiences can not only help you keep track of what she’s up to but more importantly, it shows that you’re interested.

2. Ask your daughter about a current event that’s been in the news. Did something happen in the news recently that she has an opinion about? Discussing current events can help foster a deeper understanding of the world in which we live.

3. Talk about a hobby or interest of hers. What does your daughter enjoy doing in her free time? Talking about the things she loves can help reveal perspectives about her and her life.

4. Ask her about her passions. Does she have any dreams or aspirations that she is working toward? You might even inspire her by sharing your own dreams and passions.

5. Discuss a recent event or experience she had with friends. Asking your daughter to talk about something that she did with her friends helps start an interesting and meaningful conversation and allows her to open up more.

6. Ask her what kind of music she is currently listening to. Music can be a great way to understand someone better. Talking about her music taste can help her express and get to know herself more.

7. Talk about your own teenage years and experiences. Reflecting on your own adolescent days can open doors to share your perspective on different issues that your daughter might be going through as well.

8. Ask her what her favorite movie or book is and why. Asking her to explain her favorite movie or book will not only get her to think critically, but it can also provide you insight into what she values the most.

9. Talk about the different ways she (and you) view your role in the family. Discuss ways for both of you to be better parents, siblings, and family members.

10. Ask her if there are any topics she would like to learn more about or would like to discuss with you. Knowing what she is interested in from your perspective can help you both understand each other better.

11. Talk about the future. Discuss plans of what she may do when she is older and express any concerns or advice you may have.

12. Ask your daughter what she thinks the most difficult role is for a teenager. Getting her to consider the challenges of being a teenager can help her relate to some of the issues she might be facing.

13. Talk about her successes and accomplishments. Celebrating her accomplishments can help motivate her to accomplish more in life and to reach for her goals.

14. Discuss something she finds embarrassing or difficult to talk about. Offering her a safe space to discuss topics she is uncomfortable talking about gives her an opportunity to open up and get it off her chest.

15. Ask her if there is anything she would like to or could do to improve herself. Give her your honest opinion when the situation calls for it, but make sure she knows that you are in her corner.

16. Have her explain her view on different topics such as politics, school, sports, friends, etc. Listening to her opinions and having a two-way conversation can help create a better bond between you and your daughter.

17. Talk about different ways she can handle difficult situations she might be facing in her life. Discuss the pros and cons of different strategies she can use to handle these situations, and offer advice (if it is asked for).

18. Ask her what she thinks would make the world a better place. This could lead to an interesting dialogue between the two of you in terms of how we can effect change and have a positive impact in the world around us.

19. Get her input on decisions you’re trying to make. Consulting your daughter on day-to-day decisions can help her feel more respected in the household, and it gives her an opportunity to express her opinion.

20. Talk about ways she (and you) can make life more meaningful and purposeful. Discuss the ideas and values that both of you could be implementing in everyday life to make life more meaningful.