Conversation Starters With Strangers

Intro: Starting a conversation with a stranger can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are 20 conversation starters with strangers that will help you break the ice.

1. Comment on something they’re wearing: Compliment their outfit, or ask if they got their dress/shirt/shoes from a certain store. Explain that their outfit caught your eye.

2. Ask what brings them to the location: Explain that you haven’t been there before, and ask what brought them to the spot.

3. Ask for advice: Ask for advice on a topic that interests you both. It could be cooking, travel recommendations, etc.

4. Ask about their day: Inquire about what their day has been like so far.

5. Ask about their career: Ask about their job, career path, and skills.

6. Mention something unique about yourself: Share something unique about yourself or your culture, and invite them to discuss.

7. Ask about their hobbies: Ask them what they like to do in their spare time, and what they specialize in.

8. Ask how they’re feeling: Ask how they’re feeling right now, and why.

9. Ask what their favorite music/movies/books/TV shows are: Ask them to talk about their favorite genres and titles.

10. Ask what their biggest passion is: Ask them to talk more about what they’re really passionate about.

11. Talk about the current news: Ask their opinion on current events, or what they think of a certain news story.

12. Ask them to guess something about you: Ask them to guess your hometown or favorite food.

13. Ask them to describe something in one word: Ask them to describe their favorite color or place in one word.

14. Ask what brings them joy: Ask them to talk about the simple things that bring them joy.

15. Ask about the last trip they took: Ask them what the last trip they took was like, and why they picked it.

16. Ask about a cause that matters to them: Ask them what causes, issues, or communities they care about.

17. Ask about something special about their life: Ask them to tell you about something special in their life that’s significant to them.

18. Ask about a meaningful moment in their life: Ask them to talk about a meaningful moment they’ve experienced.

19. Ask if they have any dreams/goals: Ask them if they have any dreams or goals they are working towards.

20. Ask what they would like to learn: Ask them what they would like to learn, and discuss how they could do it.