Conversation Starters With Crush Over Text

Introduction: Starting a conversation with a crush over text can be a nerve-wracking experience. It can be difficult to come up with ideas for conversation starters and be confident in saying them. Here are 20 conversation starters to help make it easier.

1. Have you seen any good movies lately? – This is a great starter question because it’s easy and can start a dialogue about your individual interests and tastes in movies.

2. What do you like to do when you have free time? – This question is always a great way to get to know someone better, and to learn more about what they enjoy doing in their free time.

3. What is something you’re passionate about? – Not only does this help you gauge your crush’s interests, but it will also give you clues about potential topics of conversation that may interest both of you.

4. When did you last travel somewhere? – Whether your crush recently traveled down the street or to a place halfway across the world, this can make for a great conversation starter.

5. What’s been inspiring you lately? – This is a great question to get to know your crush at a deeper level and to gain more insight into what kind of person they are.

6. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this week? – This can be a lighthearted and fun way to connect with your crush, and it can start an interesting dialogue.

7. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? – Whether it’s a funny story or an unforgettable experience, this is a great conversation starter to open up a dialogue.

8. What’s been your proudest accomplishment recently? – Even if it’s something small that only impact you, this can be a way to show your crush that you’re proud of yourself and your efforts.

9. What does your dream day look like? – This is a fun conversation starter and can help you explore your crush’s dreams, goals, and ambitions.

10. What’s your favorite place in the world? – This can help you gain insight into where your crush’s heart lies, as well as giving you a place to talk about travel and what you both hope to explore in the future.

11. What kind of music do you like? – This is a great conversation starter to get to the bottom of musical taste and helps you determine if you have any musical interests in common.

12. What’s your favorite food? – Food is always a great conversation starter and can give you clues about your crush’s culture, taste in cuisine, and the restaurants they enjoy.

13. What’s your favorite thing about yourself? – This can be a great confidence boost and a sure way to get your crush to open up about themself and the things they appreciate and love most about life.

14. What’s something new you’ve tried lately? – This question can start a dialogue about interesting experiences and can also give you clues about things your crush is passionate about.

15. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? – Not only can this start an interesting and thoughtful dialog, but it may also be helpful in learning more about what is important to your crush.

16. What kind of books do you like to read? – This is a great conversation starter to learn more about what your crush is reading and to explore their interests in literature.

17. What’s something that always makes you laugh? – This is a great way to lighten the mood and can help you find topics you both can relate to or that your crush is passionate about.

18. What compliments do you appreciate the most? – This is an important conversation starter to help you show your crush that you appreciate and respect them.

19. Who are the people you admire the most? – This conversation starter can help you learn more about the values that your crush admires and those that inspire them to be their best self.

20. What are your thoughts about…? – This is a great way to get a deeper understanding of your crush’s opinions on a wide range of topics and can be an easy way to come up with continued conversation starters.