Conversation Starters Printable

1. What was the most interesting book you’ve read recently? – Though reading as a hobby may not be as prevalent as it once was, books still remain to be a great source of knowledge, insight and entertainment. Asking someone what the most interesting book they’ve read recently can spark interesting conversations and even help you find a new book to pick up!

2. Are you more of an indoors or outdoors type of person? – This conversation starter speaks to a person’s interests, and it can actually share a lot of information about a person’s personality. From this question, you can find out if a person is an adrenaline junky or a homebody.

3. What did you do on your last vacation? – Vacations are significant occasions that often provide moments of great excitement, relaxation and lifelong memories. Asking someone what they did on the last trip will open the door for them to relive their trip and share that experience with you.

4. What kind of music do you like? – Music provides an emotional outlet and offers an experiential way to connect with others. Asking someone what kinds of music they like gives them a chance to talk about their interests and find out if they have similar music tastes.

5. What is the best item on your bucket list? – Everyone has a unique bucket list with experiences they hope to have in their lifetime. Asking someone what they would like to experience in their lifetime serves as a fun conversation starter and might even lead to forming a collaborative effort to explore the item.

6. Which famous person do you admire the most? – Everyone has a famous figure that they admire and look up to. Asking someone this questions gives them the chance to open up about their own motivations for why they admire a certain figure.

7. What superpower would you most like to have? – Whether you believe in actual superpowers or not, talking about what superpower you would most like to have is a great conversation starter! It can help you reflect upon your hopes and desires.

8. What is your most unique talent? – Everyone has talents and skills that make them unique. Talking about this topic can reveal a person’s strong points and give you a chance to accentuate the talents of someone else.

9. Are you the type of person to plan or go with the flow? – Knowing the difference between spontaneity and preparedness can be helpful in many areas of life. Asking this question can help you determine the best way to have a successful conversation with someone.

10. What accomplishment are you most proud of? – Everyone has stress, struggles and obstacles that they’ve conquered in life. Asking someone what accomplishment they are most proud of can be a great conversation starter because it encourages them to reflect on their successes.

11. What was your favorite moment in the last week? – Work, stress and obligations can get in the way of enjoying life’s little moments. Asking this question helps remind someone to take notice of the positive moments that occur in their life, providing a positive outlook.

12. Describe the most unique place you’ve ever visited – I Traveling to unique places can lead to having unforgettable experiences, and can also provide a chance to meet fellow travelers. Asking someone to describe the most unique place they’ve visited can lead to interesting stories and even inspire other people’s next trips.

13. If money weren’t an issue, which dream would you pursue? – All of us have dreams that require significant resources and investments. Asking someone what dream they would pursue if money wasn’t an issue encourages them to think of creative ways to live the life they want.

14. How do you like to spend your free time? – Everyone has different ways that they prefer to utilize their free time. Asking this question can give insight about what a person enjoys and it can even help you discover new hobbies or activities you can do together.

15. What hobbies have you taken up lately? – People naturally have different hobbies as they pass through different stages of life. Asking someone this question will provide a chance to learn how people grow and explore new activities, what they learn and how they incorporate the hobbies into your day to day life.

16. What is the best gift you’ve ever received? – Gifts are symbols of care, love and appreciation, and asking someone this question gives them a chance to reflect on what these elements mean to them.

17. What is one fond memory you have from when you were younger? – Reflection on childhood memories can be a great nostalgia boost and a way to escape the worries of adulthood. Asking this conversation starter gives people a chance to share a fond memory from their youth.

18. If you had one week of no obligations, what would you do?