Conversation Starters For Kids

Introduction: Looking to start a conversation with someone new? An essential part of getting to know people is finding conversation starters that help you break the ice. Here are 20 great conversation starters to try.

1. What’s your favorite food? – This is a great way to get to know someone and their likes and dislikes more intimately.

2. What would be your dream vacation? – Talking about vacation is a great way to get the discussion going with some exciting ideas.

3. What is the best advice anyone has ever given you? – This is an intimate question that gives the person an opportunity to reflect and share themselves.

4. What did you do for fun as a child? – This is a fun and lighthearted way to open discussion on anyone’s childhood.

5. What movie can you watch over and over again? – Finding out someone’s favorite film can be a great way to bond with someone.

6. What is something you’re passionate about? – Obviously this will come with a longer discussion as the person sharing can go into great detail about why and how they are passionate about a certain topic.

7. What is the best book you’ve read recently? – This allows for an exchange of ideas and allows for discussion about favorite topics.

8. If given the chance, where would you live? – This is an interesting question to learn about a person’s desire to be somewhere else or just where someone might like to travel.

9. What keeps you up at night? – This is an intimate question to ask someone to really get to know their upmost thoughts.

10. Tell me something I don’t know. – A great ice breaker and way to learn more about the person who is speaking.

11. What was the last great thing you accomplished? – This is a great conversation starter that can also be a great confidence booster.

12. What project are you proud of? – Talking about accomplishments will always make someone feel good, and it’s a great conversation starter.

13. What is your favorite thing to cook? – It’s always a treat to learn someone’s favorite dish and find out the family recipe.

14. Who are some of your role models? – Understanding who a person wants to be in life is a great way to get to know someone and also gain some insight into their ambitions.

15. Are you a morning or night person? – A great way to connect with someone on activity and productivity in the day.

16. Have you been to any interesting places lately? – There is always something interesting to talk about from someone’s travels.

17. What are you most proud of yourself for? – A great opportunity for someone to open up about why they appreciate themselves and their own accomplishments.

18. Who do you admire the most in your life? – This is an intimate conversation that can create a meaningful conversation.

19. What would you do if you had more free time? – A great way to open up a discussion on what plans and dreams someone has with more available time.

20. What are some of your goals for the year? – A great way to connect and see the larger plans someone has for their future.