Christian Small Group Icebreaker Questions

These 20 creative Christian small group icebreaker questions are sure to help your group foster authentic connection and deep discussion to encourage growth together.

1. Who is your favorite Biblical figure and why?
2. How has God been speaking to you lately?
3. What is a verse that has inspired or comforted you recently?
4. What do you think is the most important spiritual discipline to practice and why?
5. How have you used your gifts for God’s glory lately?
6. If you could ask Jesus any question, what would it be?
7. How has God displayed His faithfulness in a difficult season?
8. How have you seen God work in the small details of your life this week?
9. Share a story of when you trusted God with a risk.
10. What do you think it looks like to love God fully?
11. How have you seen God’s mercy in your life?
12. What is your go-to prayer when sharing struggles with God?
13. Share a time you chose to forgive and how it affected your relationship with God.
14. What Bible character do you relate with the most and why?
15. How has the Holy Spirit had an impact on your life this month?
16. Is there a song that speaks to your faith journey?
17. Who has been an example of faith to you and what did you learn from them?
18. How do you stay connected to the Christian community in this season?
19. How have you seen God at work in the world this week?
20. Is there a fear or insecurity you’ve been praying for God to help you overcome?