Christian Conversation Starters For Couples

1. Share a fond memory of one of your favorite Bible verses:

Talking about favorite Bible verses is a great way to share special memories and spark meaningful conversations about Christianity.

2. Share the ways in which you strive to grow spiritually:

Discussing what spiritual growth means to the both of you and the ways in which you work to cultivate a blossoming relationship with God is an important part of a healthy Christian union.

3. Talk about stories from the Bible that are particularly meaningful to you:

What stories from the Bible have stuck with you over the years? By talking about these stories and why they are special to you, a deeper understanding of each other’s faith can be attained.

4. Discuss how you can collaborate to serve your community together:

Charity and service to others are fundamental aspects of Christianity. Brainstorming on how you can work together to help those in need will not only bring you closer together but also bring the two of you closer to God’s grace.

5. Talk about meaningful Bible verses that each of you believe in:

Discussing your favorite scriptures can provide helpful insight into where each of you finds comfort, solace, and overall spiritual fulfillment.

6. Share how you intend to raise your children in the Christian faith:

One of the most important works of a couple in a Christian relationship is to ensure that their children have a healthy understanding of Jesus and the Word. Talking about it will help you and your partner stay on the same page and set a good example for your kids.

7. Share how going to church together improves your relationship and faith:

Attending church as a family is a great way to reinforce your relationship with one another as well as with God. Discuss the ways in which attending church together has enriched your relationship and faith.

8. Have each other read and discuss a short passage from the Bible:

Take turns reading passages from the Bible and discuss the lessons taught within. This not only sparks engaging conversations but serves as an opportunity to recap on vital Biblical teachings.

9. Talk about any meaningful experiences you both have had with God:

Recount stories of how you both experienced and succumbed to God’s merciful love, and how it gives you strength in all that you do in life.

10. Tell one another about your hopes and dreams for the future:

It is important to have a unified vision of your respective dreams and ambitions for a better, brighter future. Sharing these dreams allows each of you to constant push and cheer each other on while also having a strong support system in each other.

11. Have each other share what your top faith lessons are in life:

Explaining to each other your single most invaluable lessons you’ve learned along your spiritual journey is a great way to express faith and build a close connection.

12. Talk about times when God showed you the power of His grace:

Discussing times when God has blessed you and your partner when it felt like all hope was lost speaks to the divinity and power of the Lord.

13. Talk about how Christian perspective has shaped your relationships:

Discussing how engaging with your faith shapes all of your relationships, from friendship, family, marriage, and all other facets of life, is paramount for understanding each other’s values and taking steps to strengthen them.

14. Share what you appreciate most about each other:

What qualities, both physical and spiritual, do you appreciate most in your partner? Show your appreciation and acknowledgement of what makes your husband/wife so special and admirable.

15. Talk about how supporting each other’s spiritual path makes you both closer to God:

As a couple, it is essential to understand just how much supporting each other’s spiritual path and goals can benefit both of you and your faith.

16. Recall a time when fear and doubt started to creep in, and how God helped:

Nobody’s faith journey is without its own share of obstacles and struggles. Discussing how fear and doubt threatened to weaken your faith and how turning to God helped you overcome it speaks to the transformative power of faith.

17. Discuss how you both keep yourselves accountable in the eyes of God:

It’s crucial for a couple to stand together in faith and accountability in the eyes of God. Take time to talk about how doing so has kept you both on a righteous path and strong in your convictions.

18. Talk about how you both rely on each other for emotional and spiritual guidance:

Keep each other grounded in your relationship with God by discussing how the trust and partnership you have with each other can be a valuable learning experience and guide for spiritual exploration.

19. Speak of how the ‘power of prayer’