Cheap Teen Date Ideas

Introducing fun, cheap date ideas for teens! Depending on your location and interests, there are plenty of inexpensive date ideas that are sure to be a good time. Here are some of the top choices:

1. Have a movie night at home. Set up a projector, or just watch on your laptop; make it into a fun event by baking your own popcorn!

2. Have a game night. Take turns settings up different board games or creating an brackets tournament in whatever outdoor or sporting activity you have at your disposal.

3. Have a picnic in the park. Create a fun picnic – make a blanket with some snacks and drinks and have a great time.

4. Go to a local museum. See if there are any art galleries or museums nearby.

5. Have dinner at a spontaneous restaurant. Try an interesting new restaurant off the beaten path.

6. Go bike riding. Rent bikes from nearby bike rentals and have an adventure!

7. Ice skating. Whether you actually know how to skate or not, find a nearby ice rink and give it a go!

8. Try a food tour. Find a local food tour to explore the city and enjoy great food.

9. Create a craft or painting. Have a fun night in creating something while eating snacks and listening to music.

10. Go to the beach/lake. Whether you can find a nearby beach or lake, just go and enjoy each other’s company and the beauty of nature.

11. Play mini-golf. Play a mini-golf course near you and have a friendly competition!

12. Karaoke together. Find a local karaoke night or rent a karaoke machine and have a great time singing without being judged.

13. Have a photoshoot. Have a photoshoot with an old camera or a smartphone and get creative!

14. Visit a bookstore. Support local businesses and explore books and music together.

15. Go thrift shopping. Explore thrift stores and try crazy and fun things on each other!

16. Check out a funny movie. Go to the nearest drive-in theater or streaming platform and enjoy a good laughter.

17. Explore a local park. Take a walk together in the park and explore nature.

18. Have a cooking competition. Take turns cooking meals and enjoy discovering new flavors.

19. Visit a new city. Whether you can travel to another city or just discover the one you live in, go for a walk and explore new places.

20. Have a bonfire. Gather all the supplies and find a spot for a bonfire. Enjoy the warmth of the fire and company of each other.