Cheap Dates Ideas

Having a night out on the town doesn’t have to be expensive. There are lots of fun and creative ideas that can make for a unique and memorable date without the hefty price tag. Here are 20 cheap date ideas that will keep the spark alive without breaking the bank.

1. Go to the park and watch the stars or have a picnic.
2. See a local band or attend an open mic night.
3. Enjoy a free museum or art gallery.
4. Visit a local farmers market.
5. Take a bike ride around town.
6. Organize a game night with friends.
7. Take a cooking class together.
8. Have a potluck dinner.
9. Play miniature golf.
10. Browse the books at a used bookstore.
11. Check out a flea market.
12. Attend a street fair or festival.
13. Go apple picking.
14. Create a scavenger hunt around town.
15. Make an afternoon of geocaching.
16. Invite friends over for dinner and a game of cards.
17. Shop the local thrift stores.
18. Visit a nearby waterfall or lake.
19. Go window shopping.
20. Have a beach day.