Cheap Date Ideas

Introduction: Going on a date doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are 20 creative cheap date ideas that are sure to make your night memorable.

1. Have a backyard picnic.
2. Volunteer together at a soup kitchen.
3. Take a nature walk and observe the wildlife.
4. Go to a local farmers market.
5. Have a mini talent show.
6. Go for a yoga session.
7. Cook dinner together.
8. Have a movie night in.
9. Play mini golf.
10. Take a stroll around downtown.
11. Have ice cream in the park.
12. Try a craft beer tasting.
13. Take a cooking class together.
14. Play board games at a coffee shop.
15. Learn to salsa dance.
16. Go to a flea market.
17. Take an art class.
18. Visit a free museum.
19. Visit a free outdoor show.
20. Go on a bike ride.