Cheap Date Ideas Near Me

Looking for cheap date ideas? It’s important to keep your dates interesting, low-cost and fun. Below are 20 creative and cheap date ideas near you that you’ll both love.

1. Spend the afternoon exploring an interesting local neighbourhood.

2. Play a game of mini-golf.

3. Take a cooking class at a local cooking school.

4. Go for a scenic bike ride.

5. Visit a local farmers’ market for fresh produce and food.

6. Have a picnic at a local park or beach.

7. Go window shopping at a shopping Centre.

8. Check out free events in your area.

9. Attend a free outdoor concert or music festival.

10. Visit a local art gallery or museum.

11. Go ice skating or roller skating at a local rink.

12. Visit an amusement or theme park.

13. Have a movie night with a DVD rental or streaming service.

14. Play board games at a local café.

15. Attend a local community play or performance.

16. Play Frisbee or kickball in a local park.

17. Have a board game night at home.

18. Check out a local sporting event.

19. Attend a community swimming pool or water park.

20. Spend the day downtown exploring local shops and attractions.