Cheap Anniversary Date Ideas

Celebrating your special anniversary does not need to blow your budget. There are plenty of inexpensive, yet fun and romantic, ideas for you and your significant other to mark the special occasion. Here are 20 creative and cheap anniversary date ideas:

1. Have a picnic in your living room.
2. Head to a local flea market or garage sale.
3. Explore a new neighborhood together.
4. Share an ice cream sundae.
5. Visit the aquarium.
6. Take a beach or forest walk.
7. Pay a visit to one of your childhood spots.
8. Take a cooking class.
9. Go to a D.I.Y workshop.
10. Have a movie night at home.
11. Plant a garden together.
12. Take a pottery class.
13. Have a board game night.
14. Go kayaking.
15. Visit an art gallery or museum.
16. Have a sweet treat tasting.
17. Take a dance class together.
18. Create a scavenger hunt in your town.
19. Go to a local fair or carnival.
20. Take a brewery tour.