Charisma on Command Learn How to be More Charismatic

What does it take to become a charismatic person? It is not enough to know that this is an acquired skill, you also need to know how to acquire this skill. To be truthful, there is no one-size-fits-all formula; that would make it too easy. There are a few key traits that charismatic people have and these traits are presented here, so you could make a mental map about what one would expect from a charismatic person.

Take a look at the following points and learn about what are the components expected in a charismatic person. At the same time, you need to know that the most basic traits of charisma are the ability to be natural and the ability to believe in yourself come what may.  If you can focus on developing or at least (initially) to fully understanding these two traits, you are on the right path. For the rest you can get inspiration and guidance from the factors described below.

10 Magnetic Qualities You Need To Develop

Are you wondering what you can do to become a charismatic person? Here are the qualities you need to work upon to induce this quality within you. The more you focus on these qualities and practice to bring them into your life, the more naturally charismatic you will become. A skill you will have to nurture over time.

1. Be Natural

A charismatic person learns to love himself for what he is. There is no pretense about a charismatic person; he is happy to show himself as he is – take it or leave it. This is because charismatic people learn to love themselves as they are. First and foremost.

It is very important that you accept yourself just as you are – the plus and minus together. Nobody is perfect and every individual has some sort of imperfection. You need to take the good with bad and accept yourself, love yourself, be yourself.

Unless you come to terms with who you are, there is no way how others will accept you for what you are and it is never possible to continuously playact to win people on your side. They have to love for who you are and for that you need to show them who you really are.

2. Be Ready To Share Knowledge

A charismatic person is happy to teach others what he knows, share information wherever it is necessary and be happy when he has the opportunity to teach something he knows to others. In this way, you will have people come to you to learn and they would eagerly share what they know with you. This is a mutual growth path.

3. Be Ready To Learn

A charismatic person is humble and always ready to learn. There is no one too small when it comes to provide him a lesson. A charismatic person will always seek knowledge in everything he does and wherever he goes. He is an avid seeker of knowledge. Just as you should be ready to teach others what you know, you should be ready to learn from others what you do not know. This will not only keep you humble, but also endear you to all who know and follow you.

4. Be Gracious In Defeat

You win some and lose some. It is not possible that you win every time as it is not possible that you lose every time. But how you behave when you win or lose is what will showcase your character – especially, in defeat.

As a charismatic person, you need to be gracious and congratulate the winner. Also you can never adopt unfair means or underhand tactics to win. If you do so, you might win, but you lose the respect of your people and that is the worst that can happen.

5. Be Charitable In Every Aspect of Your Life

Kindness and charity should be part and parcel of your life. While it is true that not all charismatic leaders could be called charitable or kind, you need to develop and nurture these virtues. Also, you need to be generous with your forgiveness.

It is true that not all charismatic leaders in the history were kind or charitable, but that does not leave this particular trait out. A charismatic person feels it his duty to help the lesser fortunate – and it is not necessary with money, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

6. Be Genuinely Warm

A charismatic person is warm and inviting. To reflect these qualities you need to be honest, genuinely interested in people and humble. You have to be there in the thick with the people, not isolated in a silo by yourself. At the same time you have to be understanding, patient and honest in everything you do and say.

Warmth in personality is a very important trait. People need to be able to trust you that you would not be judgmental when you listen to them. This is one trait that is most attractive in a charismatic person.

7. Be Decisive

A charismatic person is able to make firm decisions when the time arises. Decision making is a very important aspect in a person’s day to day life. Few are the earth-shaking type; most are the types you need to take every day. You need to come across as a decisive person, not one who wavers every time there is a situation.

This is one reason why most charismatic people have a following. They are either leaders or leaders in the making.

8. Be Articulate In Your Communication

Charismatic people are articulate and they speak with conviction. You believe it even if you do not know the person well enough to trust him; you believe because he speaks with total conviction, right from the heart. Every word he says he means it 100 percent. In fact, one of the most attractive traits of a charismatic person in the way he speaks.

Whenever he says something, it goes to the heart. You know it is the truth and you know he would stand by his word no matter what.

9. Be a Master of Body Language

Understanding body language is important, when you transmit and receive, a charismatic person knows to do both. He can read body language accurately and recognize the signals transmitted inadvertently by others, contrary to what comes out of their mouth. Similarly, he would also know how to project the right image.

This is a very important aspect that a charismatic person masters, which helps him to become an exceptional speaker. Eloquence is an extremely important and must-have trait for a charismatic person.

10. Be Confident

Confidence is perhaps the first trait you will notice in a charismatic person. He exudes self-confidence and basks in its power. He instills a sense of trust and has you look up to him for answers, guidance and inspiration. The confidence of a charismatic person reflects his mastery over the subject/ field he works in. Confidence comes from knowing what you are doing and knowing that you are doing it best. It is therefore important that you master your subject.

5 Charisma Mistakes You Should Watch Out For

Charismatic people are supposed to be perfect or at least better than most. There is something about them that will make you think, “These guys can never be caught on the wrong foot or putting their foot in the mouth.” Unfortunately this is not true. Charismatic people make mistakes, too; they are human and they are fallible just as you and I are.

Since charisma is an acquired skill, there is scope to make mistakes. Here are a few that you should watch out for as they are real charisma killers.

1. Verbal Diarrhea

Talking is good as it connects you to the people around you. However, talking too much – even when you are an authority in your field or at whatever you are doing – can quickly become a repelling factor. You need to find the right balance between expressing your thoughts, spreading knowledge and listening. Verbal diarrhea will soon tag you just opposite of charismatic. So, watch out!

2. Showing Off Your Knowledge

There is a very fine line between confidence and over-confidence. While confidence makes you look in-charge and control, over confidence makes you look obnoxious, forceful and aggressive – none of the qualities that describe a charismatic person.

You need to contain your anxiousness to share with the whole world what you know, because not everyone needs to know you are an expert, neither every place is the place for you to stress that point. For example, at a conference your expertise would be highly appreciated; or in a situation where your expertise and experience would save a life, or the day.

However, this would not be welcomed the same way if you start distributing pearls of wisdom at a party, picnic or when you are in a social gathering. Neither, would that be welcome if you hog the limelight when peers and experts in your field are sharing ideas and discussing various aspects in the field.

Showing how much you know is attractive only when it is done in the right forum or when the circumstances demand it. Any other time it would put you in a bad light.

3. Too Friendly, Too Fast

Most people love friendliness. A charismatic person is available and easy to make friends with – and this is an endearing trait. However, there is a thing of being too friendly, too quickly. If you approach people and attempt to become too familiar too quickly, this would come across as offensive. People would actually be put off by too much friendliness and it will be seen as encroachment in privacy rather than an attempt to be friendly – and they’d meet you with their guard up.

You need to come across as friendly and welcome, but give it space and time to develop to the next level. Let the demand come from others; rather than you making the first step, make it possible for others to feel comfortable to make that first step.

4. Too Forceful About Your Beliefs

It is important that you are firm in your beliefs and stand by what you think is right. That is one of the most powerful traits of a charismatic leader. However, it is another thing to push your beliefs down the throat of others. As a charismatic person, you need to percolate your beliefs on to others – sometimes in micro bits until they absorb and follow what you stand for.

The moment you push it across, you will make them resistant to your ideas even if they are the most receptive. People don’t like to be told what to do or think; they want to decide for themselves. You need to provide a vision to get people to see what you see, believe what you believe and trust what you trust. You cannot hurry that, nor can you hand it down from above.

5. Inflexible In Your Views

A charismatic person is expected to be an authority on many things. People tend to look up to people who are experts, who seem to know all there is to know. However, you are also supposed to tolerate people with different views from yours. If you come across as a person who shoots down anyone who holds a different view from yours, you’ll come across as an insecure person rather than a charismatic person.

You need to be seen as one who is open to other views; one who is willing to see the other side of the coin – even if you may never agree to it. As an expert, you would be expected to defend your stand; however, not wanting to look beyond what you say or believe will push people away – even when you may be right.

5 Tools That Will Build Your Charisma

As mentioned earlier, charisma is a skill and as any skill, it can be learned and acquired. To get there quicker, you would do good using a few helpful tools.

The Power of Positive Affirmations

I can do this. It looks like a very simple sentence, right? It is a simple sentence, but it is extremely powerful. Whenever you meet an obstacle, say this aloud to yourself. Say it with conviction and full belief. You will find that indeed, you can do whatever you set your sights on.

Charismatic people have high self-esteem and through it, they inspire others to reach in and fulfill their full potential. Learn using the power of positive affirmations to increase your self-confidence and build your charisma.

The Power of Body Language

Body language is a language that cannot lie. You need to learn to not only read it accurately, but also be aware of what you project. While indeed, it is very difficult to control and manipulate body language, it is easy to see how important it is to know and use the right gestures and posture while communicating with others.

Charismatic people are almost always exceptionally good in communication. However, mastery over body language gives a powerful edge.

The Power of Passion

It’s impossible to be a charismatic person unless you have a passion. It is your passion that fuels the charisma within you. You need to find your passion because it is your passion that you give you the direction, drive and desire to move ahead in spite of all obstacles.

You will find that all charismatic people are driven by an unquenchable passion that is contagious.

The Power of Knowledge

Charismatic people know what they are talking about, or they won’t talk about it. In most cases, these people would be the ultimate authorities on the subjects of their passion. Charismatic people are knowledgeable and always hungry to learn more. You will find that these people will listen to anyone and everyone who have something to say on the subject of their interest with keen attention.

They would never shy away from seeking knowledge from any quarters, no matter how unusual. In their humility, they will recognize that whatever they know has always scope for improvement.

The Power of Thinking Out Of the Box

Charismatic people are never stopped for lack of alternatives. If something seems impossible, these people will find an out of the box way out. The ability of problem solving using innovative and extraordinary methods is something that characterizes the majority of people with charisma. This is why most people are leaders in their field.

There is nothing that will stop them; whenever an obstacle pops up, they will find a way around it. This is a tool that needs to be nurtured and honed so it responds almost immediately in time of need.