5 Busted Myths About Charisma

As with every subject of interest, charisma also has a number of myths that often interfere with the acquiring of the skill. It is important that you know the truth before you make up your mind whether you can be a charismatic person or not.

Myth No. 1: Charisma is an Inborn Talent

While it is true that there are people who are naturally charismatic, you need to note that this is a quality that can be cultivated by anyone. It needs a little practice and de-learning at times, but it is possible to learn this skill and excel at it, too. Hence, if you feel that you have the knack of putting your foot in the mouth at just the right time, do not despair. You can learn to be charismatic; all you need is patience and practice.

Myth No. 2: Shyness and Charisma Don’t Mix

It’s a common belief that a shy person cannot be charismatic. Nothing can be further from truth. Charisma is more about body language than word. Though words count too, it is the body language that says, “Go ahead, I am interested in what you are saying” and that is generally what all charismatic people transmit inadvertently.

It is amazing to observe how many charismatic and very popular people are also quite shy in their circle and outside. What they lack in “boldness” they make up with genuinely caring for the people they interact with, work with and/ or know. The genuineness and ensuing connect more than makes up for the “shyness”.

Myth No. 3: Bold is an Important Quality in Charismatic People

It is believed that to be really charismatic, you need to be bold. Not necessarily. Bold is good, but it should not be confused with abrasiveness, which usually qualifies most bold people. A charismatic person is driven by his dreams and when the vision is clear there is a lot of passion in the work. The passion is sometimes misconstrued as boldness; but all it is conviction and self-belief.

All charismatic people are passionate and self-driven in their endeavors. If sometimes, their actions come across as “bold” it is because they firmly believe that what they do and say is leading them to the achievement of their goals – and they are normally right.

Myth No. 4: A Charismatic Person Makes No Enemies

Of all the myths, this could easily be the most popular because it is easiest to believe. Who can hate a person with such a magnetic personality and lovable traits? You’ll be surprised to know that charismatic people attract envy and jealously like fly paper attracts flies.

The important thing is that the charismatic person usually rises above the malevolence wherever they meet it, with their amazing charm and empathy. “Empathy” is a key quality of the charismatic person; he can easily go on the other side and see “the other point of view” very clearly.

Once you understand from where the negative energy is coming, it is easy to neutralize it; more so when charismatic people are genuinely interested in reaching out to people and help them in any way possible.

Myth No. 5: All Charismatic People Are Leaders and Famous People

While it is true that charismatic people do indeed rise quicker in ranks than their non-charismatic counterparts, it is not true that ALL charismatic people are leaders and/ or famous people. Some live quite ordinary lives. However, one thing that all charismatic people enjoy is popularity. They are popular wherever they go and steal the show wherever they go.

People feel naturally attracted to them and they want to spend as much time with them as possible. One other trait the majority charismatic people have is the ability to make others see and follow their point of view. This is a talent that often puts them in a leader’s position, but not all prefer to be one.