Camel Club Books In Order

David Baldacci is a renowned American author best known for his thrilling mysteries and suspense novels. He is the author of the popular Camel Club series, which consists of six books.

1. The Camel Club (2005): The Camel Club is the first book in the series, which follows a group of four men who call themselves the Camel Club. Together, they investigate the dark secrets of Washington D.C. and uncover a conspiracy that could bring down the government.

2. The Collectors (2006): In The Collectors, the Camel Club finds itself up against a new threat. They must try to stop a powerful group of people who are trying to take control of the world’s most valuable objects.

3. Stone Cold (2007): In Stone Cold, members of the Camel Club come face to face with a deadly assassin and must find a way to stop him before he kills them all.

4. Divine Justice (2008): In Divine Justice, the Camel Club takes on a group of religious fanatics who are trying to overthrow the government and bring about a new world order.

5. Hell’s Corner (2010): In Hell’s Corner, the Camel Club is drawn into an international conspiracy involving a powerful and corrupt family.

6. The Hit (2013): In The Hit, the Camel Club is on the hunt for a mysterious assassin who is targeting the powerful and influential. They must find a way to stop him before it is too late.