Boyfriend Picnic Date Ideas

Picnicking with your boyfriend can be a romantic and fun way to spend quality time together. From garden picnics to hikes in nature, here are 20 creative boyfriend picnic date ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Beach picnic: Pack a blanket, a thermos with drinks, beach chairs, and a cooler of your favorite picnic treats and head to the shore.

2. Park picnic: Eat your meal on the banks of a nearby lake or in the shadow of tall trees.

3. Under the stars: Pack a blanket, some good snacks and drinks, and head outside to watch the stars.

4. Balloon Flight Picnic: Arrange a morning flight in a hot air balloon. After the flight, you can enjoy your picnic lunch at a nearby park.

5. Outdoor Movie: Rent a projector and screen for a balcony or garden. Bring out blankets and pillows, load up the snacks and drinks, and snuggle up to watch a romantic movie together.

6. Gourmet picnic: Go all out with a fancy gourmet picnic. Cook your own dishes or order in from a gourmet caterer.

7. Garden picnic: Spend a lazy afternoon in the garden with a delicious picnic feast.

8. Farmer’s market picnic: Pack a wicker basket and enjoy a pick-me-up lunch at the farmer’s market.

9. Wine Tour Picnic: Take a tour of a winery or vineyard and have your picnic lunch on-site.

10. Farm stay picnic: Pack a picnic, some comfortable shoes and explore the farmlands with your man.

11. Picnic in Nature: Head to a nature preserve or a favorite nature spot to whip up a picnic lunch.

12. Jeep Picnic: Drive off to a nearby wildflower field and enjoy your meal with stunning views.

13. Houseboat Picnic: Take a romantic cruise on a houseboat and spread out your picnic blanket while you drift away.

14. Hilltop picnic: Enjoy a picnic meal atop a hill or organic mountaintop with spectacular views.

15. Picnic at an art fair: Buy some art and have a picnic in the grounds of the art fair.

16. Amusement Park Picnic: Pack some snacks and take a break for a romantic picnic lunch during your day of thrilling rides.

17. Top of a Building Picnic: Pack a basket full of your favorite goodies and make your way to the top of a building to enjoy gorgeous views.

18. Picnic in a Cave: Enjoy a meal in an exploring cave like the ones found in certain areas of the west.

19. Deer Park Picnic: Pack sandwiches, drinks, and treats and enjoy lunch with the deer in a nearby deer park.

20. Picnic on a Cliff: Enjoy the crashing waves and stunning views below as you enjoy a romantic lunch with your boyfriend.